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How To Get Twitter Followers

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 Is Your Business Website on Twitter?

Twitter has become one of the fastest-growing social media sites with top celebrities and high profile entrepreneurs joining the ranks. Because of its mass popularity, people and brands have run to its doors hoping to capitalize on the millions of users.

 You would think that because Twitter is so popular with hundreds of millions of users worldwide that virtually anyone could acquire followers. Yet, most people find difficulty growing their profiles and this is one of the most talked about subjects in social media. Acquiring Twitter followers is not difficult, it just requires some specific strategies.

Focus on Quality

Before discussing specific techniques, I would like to stress to you the importance of acquiring quality followers rather than just attaining a large quantity of followers who do not add value to your profile.

Twitter is NOT a numbers game. There are many services which promise to increase your followers, but consider why you are on Twitter in the first place. Your goal is to build a reputation for your brand and acquire a group of like-minded entrepreneurs to engage with and build rapport. This will build your business by attracting followers who are interested in you and what you do.

Your Profile

Your profile is the first impression you give your potential followers which is the most important aspect of gaining potential followers. Make it great or risk losing an opportunity to grow your audience on Twitter. A professional personal profile picture gives people a feeling of trust and puts a face behind your brand.

Your Bio

Your bio should include both personal and professional information. Use keywords so people can find you easily and be creative. Explain a little bit about yourself to appear "real" and to attract others who feel a personal connection with you and your business.

Post Content

The most important aspect of your profile is the content you post. Here are some exclusive tips to creating interesting tweets that will help increase your followers:

  •  Relevant content is the most effective. Although a small amount of personal tweets on a variety of targeted subjects can be equally as effective and appreciative if it addresses the specific needs of your potential followers.
  • If your profile is new, create a minimum of 15 to 20 tweets before you start following people. An empty profile will not attract followers.
  • Use #hashtags on  some of your tweets so people can find you. 
  • Stay updated on trendy topics in your niche so you can post about them when they happen.
  • Retweet often, especially when you are new to Twitter and are just beginning to post on your profile. Retweeting shows people that you are interactive. It makes you appear more professional and shows others that you appreciate and value their content instead of always promoting your own.
  • Engage your followers and reply to comments. Any potential valuable follower who sees a profile with no engagement or replies will disregard it. Be careful not to post one excessive content technique and try to diversify with interesting tips, images, links to relevant content, retweets, replies to followers, engaging information and questions.
  • Refrain from excessive advertising. Follow the 80/20 rule (80% valuable content and 20% self promotion) or you will turn people away.

Follow the Right People 

The best way to acquire more followers is to follow the people who want to follow you back. Before you begin this activity, make sure your profile is attractive and worthy of a follow by using the following tips;

Find followers based on keyword, interest or location. Resist the urge to follow everyone! Stay focused on the people who you feel would benefit from your content. Not everyone will follow you back. Refrain from following people who do not display a personal profile picture.

 Here are some unique ways to find people to follow:

1. Twitter Interests – Browse people directly on Twitter by their interests:

2. Listorius – Browse your followers’ Twitter lists to find people with common interests. You can use a tool like Listorius to automate the process.

3. Wefollow – Wefollow is a directory/search engine for Twitter followers. You can search by location or keyword.

4. Tweepi – A great way to build followers and reputation is to follow the followers of industry leaders. Use Tweepi to search the followers of any person on Twitter. Tweepi also has many more interesting features to help you maximize Twitter’s full potential. It is a paid tool but the free version has many great features as well.

5. Who to Follow – This is Twitter’s follow suggestions based on who you follow.

6. Local Follow – Find people categorized by location and interests.

7. Basic Search – In Twitter’s search box, input keywords related to the people you want to follow you. The results will display tweets containing those keywords along with the profile of the tweeter.

Offline Twitter Methods

If you have other methods of contact with people, consider using alternative methods to gain followers. Here are some additional ideas:

  • Blast your Twitter profile to your email list
  • Link to your profile on your website / blog
  • Offline advertising such as mailings, business cards and letterhead
  • Announce your Twitter profile on other social pages
  • Email signature
  • Offline networking groups
  • Email contacts
  • Add profile to bio information in published articles

Online Newspapers  is a newspaper which allows you to extract tweeted content and share it with your followers. The paper will inform the followers whose content you used. By sharing great content, you can also become the subject of someone else's newspapers and be exposed to all of their publisher's followers which is a powerful strategy.

Stay Consistent

The true secret to acquiring Twitter  followers is to keep at it consistently. None of these strategies will work if they aren't practiced on a regular basis. Schedule some time each day to perform these simple activities and watch your followers increase over time.



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